Introduction to Divorce The Drama

You Can Have the Life You Want

I am a Divorce Attorney.  No one ever plans to work with me.   No one gets married thinking they will Divorce. 


Whether you wanted it or were struck dumb when you heard the news, you, like anyone, can find yourself facing divorce.  Helping people like you prevent financial ruin, save their children, families, and friends from unnecessary pain, and ultimately move forward with their lives in the wake of divorce is what I am all about.

As a Divorce Attorney I’ve seen the choices people can make to improve their lives in the wake of divorce, or conversely, continue to destroy and lose what they’ve got.  As an Individual, I’ve suffered like so many through the difficulties and fears of divorce and experienced first hand how divorce can threaten the things you care about most.  I’ve made my choices and I’ve seen what can be.

I created this site to help people find the power they have to make it through divorce, discover emotional and financial stability after divorce, and move on with a life that is calm, reasonable, and comfortable in spite of difficulties created by their circumstances.

It’s hard work.  I won’t fool you about that.  But you can do it.  And the trick is simply to move away from the Drama that can infect your life, to take control, and move toward the way you want things to be.

The tools and techniques you’ll find here can help you do exactly that.

In the end though, it will all come down to you knowing that you have the strength and resolve to change your life and to move ahead.

Have doubts?  Don’t worry.  It is free to explore this site.  If you find something that interests you, take it.  Use it.  If you want more, sign up for our free mailings and guides, or maybe watch a video or come see one of my talks.

The time to start, the time to act, is now.  Think anew.  Act anew.  Make your life better by just taking this first step.

You can do it.  Divorce the Drama and move on to a better life.

Why Divorce the Drama?

What About the Kids?